The world was so recent then that many things lacked names,
and in order to indicate them it was necessary to point - Marquez

Monday, June 21, 2010

Miroslav Tichy

Miroslav Tichy said that to be famous today, you have to be the worst at something. His underexposed blurry voyeuristic images of women in his small hometown  are the antithesis of today's overindulgent snapshot culture. Here is a throwback to a time when a camera was a magical instrument, one capable of inciting wonder and rarity. Tichy's photographs from the sixties and seventies have retained the mystical quality that photography innately possesses. Women seen through his home made mouse nibbled lenses and self constructed scrapyard cameras are honest and poignant and most importantly, and herein lies his credit- fresh and new.Women as though glimpsed for the first time.

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