The world was so recent then that many things lacked names,
and in order to indicate them it was necessary to point - Marquez

Friday, May 7, 2010

Covered Up

A woman that is fully clothed holds far more intrigue than one that is scantily dressed. Looking back through archived VOGUE images like these makes me believe that we have lost a fundamental understanding of what it takes to dress well. There is a current misconception that to reveal the body, in shorts, tights, fitted dresses and skin baring ensambles is to be sexy and alluring. The biggest lesson to be learnt here is that this type of dressing does the very opposite - it denies the wearer any power over their sexuality. They have bared it all and are at the mercy of the spectator. Whereas to wear well cut trousers that hint at gorgeous legs or a blouse that can be unbuttoned slightly for comfort is to truly possess how and when you choose to reveal your appeal,sexiness and charm.To suggest is a far more powerful seduction tool than to reveal...

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