The world was so recent then that many things lacked names,
and in order to indicate them it was necessary to point - Marquez

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A woman of letters by Bill Gibb

When a designer develops his ideas from the textures he is drawn to and when the character of those textures is combined with the colours that move him as well as the stories he wishes to tell- he has succeeded in making the every day act of dressing ourselves more than a simple act of repetition, but rather an adventure. Bill Gibb, known for his intricate gypsey dresses that won him designer of the year in 1970, was a man that dressed women so that they could create a story out of their every day lives.


  1. Beautiful, esp. the last picture. I love how the boots are tucked into loose-fit trousers.

  2. While searching for information on where I could see garments by Bill Gibb I came across this blog and was warmly surprised to see my Bill Gibb (I think we called it a djellaba, although it is not strict in style), in the top left picture. I bought this in the 70's with the main colour base of black but I remember Twiggy modelling an autumn colour version.